Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moon walks and hair feathers

When I first heard Farrah was dying today, it was on a quick channel surf where I stopped at the view - as Barbara mentioned she had the Last Rites and now we were all waiting - I find it interesting that she mentioned the Last Rites with such reverence. Maybe it was simply that she knew this act signified death. Maybe, or...Does death sometimes bring light to even those lost in the darkness? (Well, One did for sure!)

I did let a few tears escape today, as these icons remind us of days gone by, of times in our lives we cherished, enriched by the talent we enjoyed in them. Their sins are really a moot point now - they are between Him and her and him now - and we hope and pray they are not only at peace, but at or on their way to Perfect Joy.

So it really isn't the moonwalks and beautiful music or feathered hair and beautiful face that goes on with them, is it? A reminder to us all that we are given these things as gifts from God to appreciate the joy of life that mirrors Him, but, ultimately, it's about one soul longing for him, either rejecting, or hopefully coming to the Cross to be raised up with Him and to our Destiny.

I recently heard Bishop Sheen discuss how he came upon a beautiful girl, and told her God did make her beautiful for a reason - to go work with the lepers. Imagine those in the ugliness of disease being tended by a beautiful woman! Our society puts beautiful women in fancy clothes, big houses, and complete emptiness. This woman fulfilled her destiny here - how beautiful must she have looked to Him when she came Home (or will - I'm not sure of her status!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For those who struggle with fertility issues, here's Tiger's Hope

So it's been a while, but here I find myself on another crazy project! Or should I say it's crazy that some humble homeschool mom is involved, but God calls and I follow, so...

This is an AWESOME project - a movie about a couple in a fertility crisis - a couple who followed the fashionable ways of the world and are now in a crisis as these ways left them empty, disconnected, and confused. Until Tiger finds Hope.

This is a beautiful prolife story of true love and God's grace, meant to educate and inform a society that is so desperate for Truth and Light in the Darkness. Please help if you can! Especially with your prayers!


TIGER'S HOPE will be a high-definition 30-min television drama, that will also be made available on DVD. Through the power of story, the project will give an accurate picture of the state of both in vitro technology and its effects on children, the mother/egg donor and families. The cultural ramifications brought into being by separating the conception of children from the marital act will be explored and explained in light of the Church's long held understanding of both marriage and the dignity of each human being.

Rather than a documentary or didactic presentation, the dramatic story treatment was selected in order to increase the project's accessibility to a wider audience, and to engage them on a personal and emotional level. The overriding purpose of the film is not only to present the reality of in vitro technology but to raise the necessary questions which the whole field of egg harvesting and fertilization in a petri dish have created. The film is meant to educate all Christians, but especially Catholics, lay and cleric, and to change the perspective of any thinking person who takes our common humanity serious.

Distribution of the final project will be coordinated by the Diocese of Lansing, and Our Sunday Visitor. Nineveh's Crossing, a sister company of SWC Films, will coordinate television distribution to various Catholic and Protestant television networks around the world, where they have multiple projects already airing.

Seed funding for the project was provided by Our Sunday Visitor to the Diocese of Lansing, under the guidance of Most Rev. Earl Boyea. Rory Hoipkemier, Director of the diocese's Life Justice Office is the project manger and co-executive producer. Project development funding is being provided by co-executive producer, Stan Williams, through his production company, SWC Films. Tax deductible completion funds and gifts-in-kind are being sought through the Diocese of Lansing. See Contributions to the Production Fund.

Let's get the word out! By the way, Dr. Ray Guarendi plays the part of the priest!

Friday, June 5, 2009


We are living in a time of the "futile mind" and "senseless heart" (St. Paul), where the creature denies the existence of the Creator.