Monday, May 18, 2009

Here's What Really Happened at Notre Dame Yesterday

Jill Stanek - well known pro-life activist - posts this peaceful but important protest.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The White Martyrdom is Here Today

I wept my way through this one. We know that those called to martyrdom are blessed, but it is hard to watch.

We need to stand up and speak for this priest who stands up for the millions slaughtered.

I don't believe I care to hear Obama's rationalization speech today.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Blogger of God

Herod at Notre Dame: A Novena for the St. Joseph’s of Our Time
May 7, 2009 — james mary evans

Editors Note:

On Sunday, May 17th, at 2 p.m. in the afternoon Herod is scheduled to walk into Joyce Center on the Campus of Notre Dame University in St. Joseph County, Indiana. In the 2 hours that Herod will spend paying homage before the Body of Christ with words, 275 innocent children will perish within the wombs of their mothers in the United States. The total number of infanticides carried out by Herod’s soldiers in the lands of this new world Bethlehem will number 3,288 that day; a number that may well match the death count of Holy Innocents in the small town of Bethlehem and surrounding areas following Jesus’ escape from Herod into Egypt.

The Church rightly honors those original Holy Innocents as the first Christian Martyrs. And there is even talk within the Church about declaring aborted children as such. But what both groups of victims clearly share in common despite differences of age, category or particular forms of hellish demise, is the fact that their shared Martyrdom in this world today, as in ages past, are solely martyrdom’s by blood–blood alone.

Neither group’s sacrifice was self-willed martyrdom for the sake of God’s love. No child knew, or for that matter, even had the opportunity to know the love of Christ in order to freely hand his or her self over for the sake of Christ’s Love, the spread of His Gospel, or conversion of souls. How, after all, could one love Christ without knowing Him?

–A pressing question before the curious heart of any Herod feigning desire to pay homage to Christ The Savior, let alone worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

No, together as children, each of these killed in the world–by the world–are left totally dependent upon the mercy and salvation of the Holy One of Israel. Each child felled unknowingly relies upon the Father of all the Winds at the moment of death, He who knows every sparrow that falls to the earth, so that their ‘baptism by blood alone’ becomes for them union with the side of Christ through both blood and water–For worldly power fails not only to protect their innocence and defend the dignity of their lives and bodies, but fails even further in neglecting the needs of spirit and soul. And so today, only God alone is providing these Himself with the needed drink of life denied them by men, because the spirit ruling this world–defended by the likes of every Herod known to history–continues unabated as the vile source of their premature deaths on earth.

This is the world of Herod and nothing has changed…

Our Lord reminded His disciples in person and within Sacred Scripture that down through the ages if the world hated them they must recall that it first hated Him. Herod’s attempt to kill the Christ-Child is the first example. And so it is with us today. Our Lord’s life was threatened in its very infancy and only by divine action in union with the holy obedience displayed by St. Joseph in acting himself to protect the Savior of the world was the Christ-Child spared Herod’s wrath from the dying-fruit of selfish men.

Today, because of the Incarnation and Birth of the Word made flesh, Our Lord’s life is once again no less threatened in every moment of each day by the same unjust wrath ruling the world of abortion; and by the command and control of Herod’s world Christ continues to be destroyed within the bodies and hearts of these defenseless victims—unborn and unwanted children.

Remembering that the death of the Holy Innocents is one of Our Lady’s Seven Sorrows (the loss of children following the escape of her own Son) there’s no reason for us to believe otherwise than that she continues to grieve the loss of every child killed through the curse of abortion as she had the Holy Innocents. It’s easily recognizable, then, that today’s holocaust of innocent children once again requires of heaven miraculous action, and of those on earth, obedient support to the helps of heaven by every “Joseph” found within the Catholic Church in America; this means:

See this site for even more, and to begin the novena!

Fr. Corapi Graces Home through Rome

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sister Clarissa

Young man from a Catholic School in Rochester, MI: