Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sister Clarissa

Young man from a Catholic School in Rochester, MI:


  1. I know this boy's dad real well. Great guy, and great family.

  2. We're friend's with his friend's parents Dan and Liza Greene. Do you know them, too, I bet? Dan's an OB/Gyn who stopped prescribing birth control and thus his career has truly become his apostolate! He's an awesome doc who got us through a rough time, and they are both great friends!

    I am all about arranging marriages! It's great to see all these boys being brought up to be strong men of God! Fr. Anthony says we need to let our kids get to know each other - to plant a seed for later down the road - so they can find each other and form good Catholic marriages - in his words - before the world damages them too much. They will really need each other, that's for sure!