Friday, December 4, 2009

Signs to say "Merry Christmas"

Mike Setto, storeowner who successfully started a movement boycotting Miller Beer when they promoted San Fran's gay pride week with blasphemous photos has started a new campaign. He has spent $1200 to buy these AWESOME yard signs that say "Jesus is the reason for the season" on one side and "It's okay to say Merry Christmas" on the other in bright red and green. He is selling them from his store - the Lake Orion Keg and Wine Shoppe - on Baldwin Road between Clarkston and Waldon. They are $5 each. I will buy some for the first 5 people who say they want one and deliver them to your yard...He would like Oakland County to be swimming in them by 2011!!!

Let me know, or stop by and see him, and ask him to show you the book Bill Donohue signed for him, thanking him for being a hero. This is a true man of God, folks. Lets rally!!!