Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is America to be so much like the former Holy Russia?

But now, alas, what sins lie heavy
Many and awful on my soul!
Thou art black with black injustice,
And slavery's yoke has branded thee,
And godless flattery and baneful lying
And sloth that's shameful, life-denying,
And every hateful thing in thee I see.

For all that cries for consolation,
For every law that we have spurned,
For sins that stain our generation
For evil deeds our Fathers learned,
For all our country's bitter passion,
Pay ye with tears the while we live.
O God of Might, of Thy compassion
May'st thou forgive! May'st Thou forgive!

A.S Khomyakov - Russian poet

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  1. Interestingly its been 70 years since the publication of that poem. So Our Blessed Lord said - 70x7 times!