Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Salome, my home girl in Heaven

I heard Salome, wife of Zebedee, Mom of James and John talked about on the radio today. It was she with Mary Magdalene who was first to see Our Lord risen.

I have a special bond with Salome. You see, almost a year ago today, I was trying to decide whether or not to homeschool my kids. Being VP of our Catholic school board and just seeing too much of how supposedly "Catholic" our school was but not really(including having to explain and defend why we as a board take a holy hour of adoration each month, a subject which our Principal Sister was blatantly silent about), I was really soul searching. So, at my holy hour that I attended in the name of the board, I asked God for answers. Then I opened my Navarre Bible, and hit on the passage where Christ calls James and John to be disciples.

Now, the commentary discussed how their father Zebedee and also mother Salome (not refered to directly in the script) dropped everything to follow Him. It was as if they were an aging yuppie couple, enjoying their 2 sons and looking at a comfortable retirement of golf at The Villages in Florida, when Christ said "Leave it all and follow me" - and they did willingly and with total abandon. I did not see that as my answer that day. I knew following Him sometimes means Catholic school, public school, homeschool, WHATEVER. When a friend called and said "What did God say?" I could only tell her the truth - He said I would make the right decision, and I would be at peace. (What the H does that mean, dear Lord???)

A month later, at the final school mass, I was feeling very ornery, until I approached Christ in communion. A wave of peace and forgiveness for the school's deficiencies overwhelmed me like I will never forget. My girls went through the motions of the last day of school, but we left as a family, husband and 3 year old included, and began to plan and celebrate our new life together.

In this past year of teaching and learning from my kids, I can only say that I have stepped into grace, together with my family.

I am reminded of the song my husband and I chose as one of our wedding hymns "Oh Lord, in my eyes you were gazing. Gently smiling, my name you were saying. All I have, I have left on the sand there. Close to you, I will find other seas." Thanks, Salome, for reminding me!

Incidentally, I can't find this description anywhere in my Navarre right now. I've found those passages. I must just be missing it...

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