Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Upcoming Atheist Holiday

Subject: FLORIDA COURT SETS ATHEIST HOLY DAY In Florida, an atheist created a case against the upcoming Easter and Passover holy days. He hired an attorney to bring a discrimination case against Christians, Jews and observances of their holy days. The argument was that it was unfair that atheists had no such recognized days.

The case was brought before a judge. After listening to the passionate presentation by the lawyer, the judge banged his gavel declaring,"Case dismissed!"

The lawyer immediately stood objecting to the ruling saying, "Your honor, how can you possibly dismiss this case? The Christians have Christmas, Easter and others. The Jews have Passover, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah, yet my client and all other atheists have no such holidays."

The judge leaned forward in his chair saying, "But you do. Your client, counsel, is woefully ignorant."

The lawyer said, "Your Honor, we are unaware of any special observance or holiday for atheists."

The judge said, "The calendar says April 1st is April Fools Day. Psalm 14:1 states, 'The fool says in his heart, there is no God.' Thus, it is the opinion of this court, that if your client says there is no God, then he is a fool. Therefore, April 1st is his day. Court is adjourned."

You gotta love a Judge who knows his scripture!


  1. Ha ha!! So if I celebrate tomorrow, will I have to confession afterwards, for participating in an atheist ritual?

  2. Fr. Anthony April fooled me early after I distributed prolife fliers after mass the weekend before the election (I really didn't want to do St. Joe's - they called me the night before and said no one was available to do this) Anyway Mary confronted me and basically told me this was illegal and an attack against her "people" - and I leveled with her about my conscience and the rosary, and hugged her in the end.

    ANYWAY Fr. Anthony called me and said there was an interdict against anyone distributing prolife fliers at masses, that they could not participate in mass - he TOTALLY had me going...

    How can I get him back tomorrow? Hmm...

  3. Well, I would wait a while until all this Notre Dame stuff settles down; I'm sure he's not in the best of moods given his Maltese background.

    By the way, when did you change your blog name?

  4. I know. He's going to Malta in a few weeks - you probably know that!

    Restless Hearts - I like what it refers to but it just felt too much like a Journey Song or desperate dating site!

  5. Restless Hearts - I like what it refers to but it just felt too much like a Journey Song or desperate dating site!


  6. So...you know it's just a story, right? It never actually happened. You do know that, right? Seriously.

  7. Paul, I kind of felt like your ? was hardly worth a reply - but YOU are worth one (in love!)
    Yes, and I didn't put a disclaimer on this as I felt it was so obvious it didn't need to be clarified. Maybe I'm wrong and your note enlightened someone. Thank you.

    Anyway, you are always welcome on my blog (even to attempt blog murder!) for as you can see it's been pretty lonely around here just Larry and I. With a smile on my face and joy for you in my heart I say "Bring it, bro!"

    But if not, then go in peace.