Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy!

Top 'o the morning to you!


  1. Happy (belated) St Patrick's Day to you too! Have a greenie! I'm buyin'!

    ps - if you want to have the video on your post rather than the link, I'd be happy to tell you how. :-)

  2. Oh, Sinsay, I have so much to learn! Will you even get this reply? I don't know. But I'd love any advice, even if you're the only occasional browser! Thanks for your awesome blogspot!

    Bob says you know how many times you get a hit - like Big Brother (speaking of creepy). I'm not that concerned about finding out how to do this, other than I know most of my friends and family can't get to making a google account. I don't mind talking to myself, but I appreciate company too!

  3. As to the hits and counts - I added "Sitemeter" to my blog - it's a free blogstat service. I also have the "Neocounter" widget in my sidebar - I like that because it shows the country where the visitor is hailing from.

    Anyway, to the video feature. When you watch a video on YouTube, say, you want to look for the "Embed" line. You want to copy that line of code (it can be pretty long). Then, at the "Create Post" page at Blogger, look for the tab that says "Edit HTML" that sits atop the blank page. Click on that, and then paste the "Embed" code on that page. It'll show up as long string of symbols, letters, numbers, etc, much like what you have above in your post, only longer. Click back on "Compose" so you can add your own text. When you do that, you should see a square-ish outline of the video box (when you hit 'preview', the actual video player screen will appear).

    Try that out and let me know if my directions were clear enough. The key is to copy the "embed" code from the YouTube page (or any viewer service, not just YouTube), not the URL.