Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Notre Dame Debaucle

Just bumped into that poem the other day, before this ND Obama rubbish came out. So I joined the facebook group protesting Obama's speaking there. Anyway, Gotta give it up to prayer, but here's my 2 cents I wrote on facebook:

I choose to put my full prayerful and respectful support of this group. I want to correct that there is a "conservative wing" of the Catholic Church. The Church is not a political nor sociological club nor institution. She is the Mystical Body of Christ, His Beloved Bride. He did promise us teaching authority on earth, by leaving us successors, with Peter as the foundation. Each Holy Father, while certainly human and having imperfections, serves us as Peter - and as Catholics we defer to the Holy Father, and accordingly to the Bishops, in accordance with our common sense. The abortion issue is a clear issue - it is murder - it is holocaust - and this can not be said of opinions of things like "The War" and "Social Justice", on which neither polarity in government openly approves the taking of life.Some may choose NOT to agree with me or the Church. Unlike 100 mil of their aborted peers who have no choice. ND Students - Rage, RAGE against the fading of the light!

I hope they rage! I pray for courage and insight for them, and especially that the Holy Spirit fills the Hearts of those who are His own at Notre Dame, and directs them in saftey and love.

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