Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And now, the rest of the story...(Paul Harvey - Good eternity!)

Here's the rest of the story of the facade of the San Jose Mission Church.

Look to the Left of the door, and you will find Saint Joachim, father of our Blessed Mother. The Franciscan monks were well aware of the native custom of reverence for grandparents, thus the prominent position of Jesus' "Nana and Papa" here. St. Joachim's arm is missing as it was broken when a thief climbed up him to try to enter throught the Rose Window above.

This window is reminiscent of many such windows on Churches through Europe. It was possibly named the Rose window after St. Rose of Lima, the first saint of the New World.

Look up and to the right of St. Joseph and Jesus, and you will find St. Francis, the patron of these missions. I myself know a lot about him, so moving on...

To the left is St. Dominic. St. Dominic became prominent in the late 10th century, where he battled the Albigensian heresy that was rampant at the time. He actually worked with his family, who all show signs of having been sanctified in this life. He loved the truth and abhorred heresy. His convents were set up originally to protect and educate women and children who were especially vulnerable to this heresy. The Militia of Jesus Christ (now known as the 3rd order Dominicans) was formed under him as a lay movement to protect the Church.

He is also known for having the Rosary revealed to him by our Blessed Mother.

Finally, notice the round balls surrounding the door. These are pomegranates, and represent fertility. Let the Truth that is held within this building bear great fruit, let faithful Catholics devoted to the truth populate and renew the world, and make the ground of the seedlings of Love be ever fruitful and nourishing!


  1. Hey Paul!

    Love the pooch pic.

    I am so psyched you have found Christ and me! (since my husband hasn't figured this out yet - blogging not Christ.) I recommend my followers sites, and also "personally opposed, but" - a blog by another former atheist.

    I have known Him since I was 4 years old. He has revealed Himself to me throughout my life. I have embraced worldly stuff, and it SUCKED because I had to actively reject Him. I will spend some good eternity apologizing for that, I suspect.

    Anyway, WELCOME. Stay close to Him. You are on the right (and narrow) road. Keep grabbing His hand. If you are not a Catholic, check out a tabernacle sometime. Ask Him to show you. He won't disappoint (you already know that). Just LIVE IN HIM!!